What causes infertility?

Infertility, a failure to conceive after unprotected intercourse for over one or two years, is one of the most serious and adjective cases faced by many couples. The failure that a couple is unable to bear children, especially through their nature means, may be caused by the female or the male, or both of them. It can be classified into two kinds—primary infertility and secondly infertility. The former refers to couples who have never been able to conceive, and the later refers to those with difficulty conceiving after they have already conceived whether they fulfill the pregnancy to term or had a miscarriage.

In a recent survey investigating the prevalence of infertility, about 12 to 18% married couples experience failing to conceive for at least one year. Generally, it is estimated that one in seven couples in the world have problems with conceiving.

It is nature and necessary for a woman to have a regular menstrual cycle in which an egg is produced, matured, and released from her ovary along with the fluctuation of her hormones. Only when a sperm encounters with the egg at the right time can produce a zygote and induce a pregnancy. Any factors affecting the formation or combination of healthy eggs and sperms can contribute to infertility. Generally, these factors can be divided into the following three aspects. Firstly, genetic factors together with some special diseases (such as diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorder, adrenal disease, hyperprolactinemia, etc) can cause male as well as female infertility. Secondly, some common causes of female infertility include that ovulation problems, tubal blockage, uterine problems, and endometriosis. Thirdly, low semen quality or a low sperm count has frustrated many infertile male patients.

Why should I see acupuncturist?

For last 5000 years history experience, acupuncture has been proved as a superior method of treating a wide range of symptoms such as pain, infertility, mental disorders, GI problems, and most other systems disorders. It’s mainly characterized by its excellent efficacy and no side effect. It’s also can enhance the potential body function, maximum wellness and maintain balance. It will cultivate vitality and health, stimulating the tremendous healing power of the body and mind.

What's the traditional way to deal with infertility?

Medication, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transplantation (ET) are the mainstays of treatment for infertility. If the sperm are appropriate and the woman's reproductive structures are good, the cause of infertility closely associates with disordered hormone levels and thus an ovarian stimulating medication treatment is needed and recommended. If conservative medical treatment cannot guarantee a full term pregnancy, IVF and ET techniques, often called assisted reproductive technology (ART) techniques, help to deal with infertility.

Why Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine is effective in treating infertility?

Although, the medical treatment and ART techniques somehow contribute to the success of fertilization and pregnancy, these treatments are not only expensive but harmful to the patients. Because of the low efficiency of these treatments, the American middle-class family that once could rely on hard work and fair play to keep itself financially secure would be down and out after accepting several ART treatments. Besides, some adverse effects may occur accompany with the excessive use of hormone and ovarian stimulating medication. For instance, the ovarian stimulating medication will definitely lead to premature ovarian failure (POF).

Therefore, many patients are turning to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a safer, more effective and drug-free way to bear a healthy baby.

According to the basic theories of TCM, infertility, as a pathological condition, is primarily caused by a deficiency of Kidney Qi, or by a disharmony of Qi and Blood of Chong and Ren meridians. Pregnancy as a process relies on Kidney Qi being plentiful and vigorous, on the Chong meridian being full of vitality and on the Ren meridian being unobstructed. Only under these conditions can a conception take place. Any dissonance arising from either Kidney Qi, Blood deficiency, cold retention in the uterus or stagnation of phlegm and blood can give rise to infertility. The stimulation of certain meridian points on the body by acupuncture needles can rebalance the Qi and Blood along the meridians and in the whole body. Therefore, acupuncture can not only increase the chance of natural pregnancy, but also increase the success rate of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

How does Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine work to treat infertility?

Acupuncturists and other TCM practitioners know much about the inner imbalance so that they can easily and accurately identify the essence of different disharmony and thus handle the problem corresponding to various symptoms. Dramatically and reliably, it has been demonstrated in the medical journal Fertility & Sterility [4] that acupuncture and Chinese herbs improve the chance of becoming pregnant, especially accompanied with ART techniques. It is widely approved and accepted that the curative effect is achieved by the following approaches.

(1) Warm the Kidneys to improve the quantity and vitality of sperms.
(2) Replenish Qi and Blood to nourish the uterus so that an ovum can implant well on the uterine wall.
(3) Balance the Chong and Ren meridians to regulate menstrual cycle and coordinate hormone or other endocrine disorder.
(4) Remove the stagnation of phlegm and blood to promote Qi and Blood circulation, to enhance the resistance of the body, and to stay away from diseases while conceiving.
(5) Relieve depression or anxiety which may disturb the hormonal levels to increase fertilization, to bring the pregnancy to a full term and to guarantee the fetal health.
(6) Assist with ART techniques to achieve success.
From the above description, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can not only effectively curb and harness infertility, but also help to improve your health status. This drug-free success, couples with many studies of certain clinical effects show that it is your best choice to address infertility.

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