For complex and systematic disorder listed here, we offer personalized treatment plan. Based on your condition, the treatment may integrate Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, infrared therapy, Cupping, Herbal medicine, and education for self care. Each treatment usually takes 60-90 minutes.

First Appointment :

Plan on spending one and half hours for your first appointment. You will be asked to fill out our intake form which tells us about your overall health, lifestyle and the history of symptoms. It is very important for us to tailor a unique treatment plan just for you. Then, based on your health background, we make a diagnosis of the source of your condition and plan for your treatment. We explain in detail of your diagnosis and the plan for your recovery, and answer all of your questions before any treatment. Along with acupuncture, your treatment plan may include Chinese herbal medicine, infrared therapy, TuiNa Massage therapy, cupping, etc which are listed in our services.

Follow-up visit:

Results can be seen with one treatment, but three or more treatments are advised to determine the effectiveness. Plan on spending one hour for your follow-up visit. We check your progress at every visit and may make changes to your treatment plan to keep the healing process on track.

Education for self-care at home:

Sometimes, lifestyle changes and some practice are very important for your healing. We educate you simple steps to follow at home, enabling you to feel better faster and keeping you away from the same disorder in the future.

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