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I’m 55 years old and have been suffering from migraine for more than 20 years. I have seen a lot of neurologists and took numerous medications, but those treatments only gave me temporary relief for a very short period of time. I was very desperate since the pain kept spreading in my head and I could not concentrate on anything. Thank god I finally found the cure in Dr. Wang’s clinic. After only 10 visits to Dr. Wang for acupuncture, my pain was totally gone. It has been 1 month since my last visit. This is my first month in the last 20 years without a headache and any medications. I’m keeping visiting Dr. Wang every other month for follow up check. Thank you, Dr. Wang! You are the one who makes me live a better life.
- Katherine

I highly recommend acupuncture with Dr. Wang. Three years ago I had back pain and the pain vanished after 3 acupuncture sessions with Dr. Wang. I had lower back pain this past month (a different area of my back this time). With only one session of acupuncture my lower back pain was eliminated. Again, anybody dealing with any type of pain would be wise to schedule a session with Dr. Wang, who is not only an expert with acupuncture but also a wonderful, thoughtful man.
- Glenn

I went to an Orthopedic Doctor in September 2011 with a bad shoulder and was told I had Frozen Shoulder and the only thing that would help would be injections, pain medicine, anti-inflammatories, steroids and muscle relaxers. I tried all and it didn’t work. I hated the fact of taking all the different medicines. Chiropractic didn’t even seem to help. I did not want surgery. I spoke with several people who had the surgery and more than one said it didn’t work, so I decided to go the natural way and found Dr. Wang, an acupuncturist. In five months Dr. Wang has done acupuncture, cupping, heat therapy and has given me Chinese herbs, and exercises to do. I now have full range of motion with minimal pain. All the research I had done on Frozen Shoulder indicated a 1 to 2 year recovery. I am way ahead and have beaten the odds. The NATURAL way is the right way. Thank you Dr. Wang!
- Kate

I had an attack of sciatica and was fortunate enough to meet up with Dr. Cheng Wang. Dr. Wang is a very kind and caring man. He is concerned about your well being. He offers an acupuncture and massage treatment which proves to be very effective at relieving the pain. I highly recommend his services.
- Gloria

Dr. Wang is an amazing acupuncturist! My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over 2 years with out any luck. I had been to fertility doctors, done body cleanses, you name it, I tried it. My friend who had been trying to get pregnant longer than me told me the wonderful news that she was expecting and 3 months pregnant. I was so happy for her. Of course my first question was, ‘what did you do differently?’. She told me about Dr. Wang. I immediately made an appointment with him that following week. He asked me to give acupuncture 3 months, so I did. At the end of the 3 months, I still was not pregnant. I was very disappointed but made a decision that I was finished with fertility /doctors /everything. We had one beautiful healthy son and I figured that was what God wanted, so I said my goodbyes to Dr. Wang and decided to move on. Next month, I was late for my period. I took a test and it was positive!! We are expecting our little girl at the end of the summer and we couldn’t be happier. I have recommended Dr. Wang to several other of my friends who are trying and I would recommend at least giving the 3 month trial to anyone trying to get pregnant. I’m glad my friend recommended him to me.
- Bernadette

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